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1. How do i reture something?
Heyidear is happy to accept returns on all merchandise within  days of receipt. We also accept exchange within 30 days of receipt. Sorry, shipping and handling fees are not refundable on returns. Unfortunately, without exception, heyidear cannot accept returns on used or damaged merchandise. For additional information, please see our returns policy. 
2. How do i use a coupon code?
Lucky you! To use your coupon code, add all of your glam goodies to your shopping cart and begin the checkout process. There will be a box to enter your code, then just click ”apply”. Please note that only one promotion code can be entered for a given order from XXXXX. Coupon code cannot be used on orders already placed.
3. How do i opt out of emails?
Why would you want to?! Our Heyidear fans receive all kinds of perks and special gifts. But if you must, just click the 'Unsubscribe' link at the bottom of any email. 

4.Do you just do cats and dogs in your pet store? 

We can design a portrait for any animal no matter the species or the breed. So far we're created unique masterpieces for dogs, cats, birds, horses, micro-pigs and even hedgehogs!

5.Can I print more than one pet on one canvas?
Yes! We have a variety of options to suit your pet parent needs.

Yes, we have costume options for 1 pet, 2 pets, 3 pets and even 4 pets together in one portrait!

6.Do you do human portraits?
No,we dont do human portraits right now. Just make it pet portraits,like dogs, cats,birds and so on animals.

7.Is it my photo good enough to use?
If you followed our photo guidelines, then yes your photo is very likely good enough to use.

• Make sure the photo is taken in good lighting (outdoor daylight is best)
• Try to take the photo at eye level with your pet
• They don't need to be looking at the camera
• Try to get a close up so we can see your pet's unique features
• Make sure the photo is not blurry
• Make sure no features (e.g. big ears!) are out of frame - we can't add them if they aren't in the original photo
• Ensure that the fur color in the photo is not affected by bad lighting. If the fur in the photo is not accurate to real life, the fur in the design won't be either

We have a team dedicated to checking photos as orders are placed. If there's an issue with your pet photo, we'll let you know very quickly via email.

If we do need a new photo from you, this may lengthen your delivery time by a few days.

Please note that if you refuse to provide a new photo after we have informed you that the original photo may not result in the best quality artwork, then we cannot refund you. It's your responsibility to ensure that you are happy with the photo you provide.

Note: All examples on our website were produced using high quality photos.

8.Does it matter what's in the background of my photo?
No this shouldn't matter. Don't worry if there's a lot of stuff in the background. Obviously it's better if it's a plain/clear background. But don't obsess over it too much! It really doesn't make much difference.

9.How do you produce your artwork?
We do not paint from scratch.

We are a digital design studio and we use a range of proprietary photo editing techniques, professional photo re-touching as well as a number of complex brush strokes and blending processes to turn your original photo into a pet portrait.

10.Can I change my order?

You can change your order for 24 hours. If you placed your order more than 24 hours ago, we can't guarantee that we can change it.

11.Can I see the artwork before it gets printed?

Yes you can. All customers get to preview their artwork and request any changes before printing. We'll email you once your preview is ready.

To see your artwork preview, log in to your customer dashboard.

12.Can you add or remove something from my pet photo?

Sorry but we can't offer to add things like accessories, extra background colors or extra bits to your chosen costume. We are very proud of our work and like to keep things uniform (pardon the pun!)

We can sometimes edit out tears, sleep and drool if you ask us but we cannot guarantee it. We cannot perform major edits such as opening a closed mouth or adding floppy ears.

However, if your pet is wearing an accessory in the original photo, we will always try to include it.

The same goes for collars - we do remove collars for almost all costumes but it's always best for those that show some neck (e.g. The Duchess), that you provide a photo of your pet without a collar on.

13.Can I change the background colour of my canvas?

Right now we can't change the background colors for you. If you have a very dark pet and are afraid they won't show up on a custom with a black background, we would generally advise selecting a different costume.

14.What if my photo is in black and white?
If your photo is a black and white image we will naturally change our costume to be black and white too, to match your pet photo. Note that we do not and cannot add colour to black and white images.

If you provide a black and white image please be aware that we cannot offer a refund when you receive a black and white portrait.

15.Do you offer gift wrapping?

Unfortunately we do not currently offer a gift wrapping service. However, all products come sealed in opaque protective packaging. So the surprise won't be ruined upon delivery!